How to take a good photo

Ensure that all photos are taken with the same background, preferably white, black, or a solid color.

What is good and what is not good

Not good / Look directly into the camera
Not good / Look directly into the camera
Too big
Too big
Too small
Too small

How to set up your camera properly

Check Google or the website of your phone or camera manufacturer to find out how many pixels your camera has. It is recommended to have 12 MP (12 million pixels) or more.


  1. Go to settings > Camera > File Structures.
  2. Select Most Compatible for Camera Capture.
  3. If available on your phone, choose Apple ProRaw for Photo Capture.
  4. Now open the camera app and choose Portrait.


  1. Open the Camera app and choose Portrait.
  2. Go to Camera > Settings (settings can be found in the top left corner under the gear icon).
  3. Make sure Resize File is turned off.

Other options

Option 1
Take a portrait photo with a DSLR camera.

Option 2
If you're unable to take a good photo, ask someone to help you or have the photos taken by a photographer.